Raising children is probably the most difficult and demanding task we ever face. What we need most is to learn how to respond appropriately to our young children, giving them the best possible conditions in which to grow and thrive.

Snapperfish Limited has distilled a wealth of valuable information into concise pages explaining so much about how children feel and behave, and how to respond appropriately to them in the many different circumstances that confront us and them. The unique presentation makes concepts easy to understand, remember, and put into practice.

I recommend TheBestForMyChild wholeheartedly to any parents who want to respond to their children in ways that really work for parent and child, and help the child to develop strong positive self esteem.

Mary Farrell, Registered Psychotherapist, B.A (Hons), PGCE, Post Grad Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, MNZAP
Mary Farrell